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FYI What I’m Currently Reading

A How-To Guide to Breaking the Code of Viral Book Promotion

Taking it to the Streets — Art By, Of and For the People

The Ongoing Quest for a Superhero Worthy of Our Times

Notes on Living in a Picture Perfect World

“And I Had Done an Hellish Thing…”

IMHO — Good or Bad, Opinions aren’t Worth a Damn

Icarus Overdrive or Setting the Controls for the Heart of the Sun

$how Me the Ben Franklins!

The Long Tradition of Using Pictures to Illustrate the Point

The Writer’s Art and Learning How to Read People Like an Open Book

Reality Fatigue and the Truth of Why We Read What We Read

There’s No Success Like Failure And Failure’s No Success at All

Idle is as Idle Does — A Book Review of Sorts

On Being Out of Sync With Synchronicity — The Perils of Hitchhiking on the Electronic Superhighway

A Questionable Philosophy?

Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On

Transhumanism — Living the Life Augmented

“An ugly child belongs to its parents, whereas a beautiful child belongs to the world” — unknown.

You’ve Heard of the Active and Passive Voices, But What About the Third One?

The Self-Published Author as Shapeshifting Social Media Butterfly

“All Movement is Accomplished in Six Stages…and the Seventh Brings Return.”

“Pleased to Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name”

My Ongoing Search for Eutopia

The Blog that Broke the Camel’s Back

Confessions of an Inverse Snob

Human, All Too Human — Putting Into Words What Makes Us Who We Are

Forget About the Numbers Game, Let’s Talk About The Naming Game, Shall We?

I Can Change Everything About Who I Am, Except Who I Am

Congratulations, You’ve Been Elected Chairman of the Bored!

Trust Me, There’s Absolutely Nothing Ho-Hum About Being a Factotum!

The Top 15 Words of Advice to Live By

The High Price of Obscurity

“Is it Safe?” — Nobody Likes a Nazi, Not Even if They’re Only a Safety Nazi

“Living the Dream” — Spiritual Alchemy in Action

To Every Thing There is a Season, and a Time to Every Purpose — So Let’s Give Kairos a Turn!

All’s Well that Ends Well, If You So Choose!

Believe Me, Everything’s Going to Be All Right — Just Remember to Breathe.

What the Dickens! — Just How Great are Our Expectations Really?

Taking the Time to Take Things Nice ‘n’ Slow

Let’s Be Frank for a Minute, Shall We? — Giving Eyebrows to What We Write

“Oh Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood!” — Spiritual Alchemy and the Creative Process

Excuse My Language — The Etiquette of Dropping the J-Bomb

Coming Back for Seconds — Why I Just Can’t Get Enough of the Whole Blogging Thing

Love Me Two Times — The Impossible Task of Keeping Both of My Muses Satisfied

The Daily Dilemma — “What Should I Be Feeding My Pet Blog?”

What’s in a Name? The Illuminati, Just Another Secret Handshake Club?

“As Above, So Below!” — A Description of Spiritual Alchemy

“I’m Yours!” — The Top 10 Reasons Why I Will Follow Your Blog

“Come Up and Tweet Me Some Time” — The Internet Dating Game

OMG! Who knew #teamjesus would fight so damn DIRTY!

“Fancy a Quickie?” — Zen and the Art of Bonsai Blogging

Flash Fiction — “A-ah, It’ll Save Every One of Us!”

Open the Podcast-Bay Doors, Hal!

Move Over, Elvis — The True King is Style!

The Self-Published Author as Agent Provocateur

The Top 10 Reasons Why I Suck As A Writer

Hello, Rejection, My Old Friend!

Attack of the Bloggers — Achieving Book Sales Through Social Media

A Hunger Strike of the Soul

Missing Zero — A Case of Username Envy

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