Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On

The interpretation of dreams is something that has fascinated me for most of my life. The fact that for as long as I can remember I have had at least two or three dreams a night, I suspect, probably goes a long way towards explaining my fascination with dreams, more generally.

Anyhow, I recently read an interesting idea that stated certain dreams serve as a kind of inoculation. By introducing the dreamer to certain concepts, within the safe context of a dream, the unconscious is able to prepare an individual for events that could prove to be otherwise psychologically traumatic, if experienced without any kind of prior warning.

While not always prophetic in nature, these dreams often foretell something we’re not necessarily able to predict with our conscious minds. An example of this was the story someone told me, not so long ago, about how when he was a young man he dreamt his fiancé broke up with him, saying she was leaving to travel abroad. Sure enough, the next morning he received a phone call exactly to that effect.

In recalling his story, the man telling me this laughed at my incredulity. But what really struck me more was how totally at peace he was, with what could have easily resulted in a lifelong psychological wound.

What’s even more interesting again, though, is how many people report similar experiences to this, once you start asking them. Which is, I guess, the true purpose of this post, ultimately. Because I’m wondering if any of you who are reading this can recall having had dreams of the kind I’m talking about? And, if so, whether you’d like to share your story?


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