Confessions of an Inverse Snob

Just recently I had the opportunity to meet one of the heroes of my youth. And while both of us may have aged somewhat over the last 25 years, it was still a real buzz.

The hero I’m referring to is Joe Satriani, and believe me he is still very much at the top of his game.

For those of you who don’t know of whom I speak, it is probably easiest to describe Joe as being the ultimate guitarists’ guitarist. He can do things when he plays that causes mere mortals like myself to question why they ever bothered to pick up a guitar in the first place.

I do believe the Devil himself would sell his own soul to be able to play as well as Joe (or Satch as he is known to his legions of fans).

But enough. I could enthuse about Joe’s mad skills forever. However, that is not my intent. Because what I really wanted to focus on here was the man himself.

You see, in person, Joe happened to be everything you would want your hero to be: humble, polite, very centered and totally inspiring. And I know all this from a quick handshake and a brief exchange of words as I got my photo taken with the great Professor Satchafunkilus

So what of it? I hear you ask. Well, I suppose, this is meant to serve as a confession of sorts. For as much as I am ashamed to admit it, I didn’t conduct myself in a totally dignified fashion throughout this fleeting interaction.

The problem was that I initially approached meeting Joe with the wrong attitude. I thought he would be all aloof and dismissive with me, his being world-famous and all. And so, I therefore acted like an “inverse snob”, sort of almost snubbing him before he could snub me type-thing.

Fortunately, his gentle, zen-like demeanor cut through all my crap real quick. And that’s when I realized it’s not always enough to be the very best at something. Because if you’re going to rise to the top of whatever it is you do, you’re also going to have to learn how to deal with other people on a major scale. Something which is an entirely different skill set again.

Anyway, that was my recent celebrity encounter and subsequent bout of self-analysis. And so now I wonder if any of you have had a similar experience? And, if so, what did you take from it?


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14 responses to “Confessions of an Inverse Snob

  • ioniamartin

    I have so far been lucky with celebrities no being too jerkish, but I have heard tell that many of them can be real stinkers. It really is okay to act a little foolish in front of your idol.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      I suppose, their being real stinkers is also a way of dealing with people on a mass scale, but just not a very nice way maybe.

      I’m intrigued to know who you also might have rubbed elbows with, if you haven’t been forced to sign any non-disclosure statements, that is?

      • ioniamartin

        Mostly because I am a book nerd it has been authors. Stephen King and Anne Rice as well as Debbie Macomber. So far I have been lucky, they have all been very nice. I also have a pro wrestler in the immediate family and I have been around a few of those guys I would just as soon forget.

        • Lorem Ipsum

          I am totally in awe of the people you have met, which means that I must be a book nerd, too! I’d be really fascinated to see how a brain like Stephen King’s works up close. He has single-handedly defined so much of our popular culture. And Anne Rice made vampires cool way before Twilight fans were even born, so she’s responsible for defining whatever else of popular culture exists beyond what Stephen King has contributed. Are there any telling incidents you can reveal about your close encounters?

          • ioniamartin

            Nothing much exciting, I met a lot if people through publishing house functions as I have worked in the industry since graduating high school. Most of the A- listers have been pretty normal actually. It’s me that tends to act like a Babbling fool amongst them. The conversation with Anne Rice was possibly the most memorable, as I was asking her about her comic areas plots and she told me she literally wrote her notes out in sharpie marker on her bathroom walls;)

            • Lorem Ipsum

              I guess, when you’ve sold, quite literally, 100 million copies of your books, like Anne Rice has, you can damn well do whatever you like to your bathroom walls! Still, it would make archiving her writer’s notes a little bit of a challenge, I should think…

              From what I gather, someone like Hunter S Thompson probably most closely represents the author as the archetypal publishers’ nightmare. Being bookish-types, though, writers are more often fairly tame characters, compared to rock stars (or pro wrestlers, for that matter). Still, it must be nice to have some “muscle” in the immediate family to help deal with dodgy tradespeople and the like. 🙂

            • ioniamartin

              More muscle than brain lol

            • Lorem Ipsum

              I recently tweeted an alliterative pro wrestling-related post on my twitter site, that might be relevant, namely:

              WWE fans own the monopoly on monosyllabic monobrow monoculture. Although, of course, I would never say that to their faces, obviously. Peace

  • waynelaw

    Glad to hear that some guitar gods make really nice mortals…I once got within a couple feet of Stevie Ray Vaugh in a small music club but I was too star-struck to say anything.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      I totally envy you your close encounter with the late, great SRV! I am, however, about to get an up-close meet-and-greet with Steve Vai, in the next couple of weeks, so I’m really interested to see what that’s like. Cheers, and thanks for commenting!

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