Poetry — past and present

recursive logic

agent of change

some thoughts on waxing and waning lyrical like the moon

a plea for peace for our time

A civilized debate about a painful topic

gin and limelight

separated at rebirth

Black River Falls Calling

guess who?

flirting with the idea of dishonoring one’s muse

the compromised nature of poetry as we know it

what’s three percent between close family?

clued-in to ancient rites of passage

dream catcher in the wry

life in contrary motion

…but nowadays you can judge a book by its blurb

beard and loathsome in las vegas

a time for everything, and everything in its place

Pre-ambulatory nostalgia

when the whole is greater than the sum of our hearts

20/20 foresight

She Stooped to Conquer (or Better to Have Loved and Lost a Foot Race than…)

some thoughts on those bits obituaries omit


the joys of looking a gift nightmare in the mouth

bypassing the heart of the mystery

Schlachthof Fünf — A Place of Carnage in Anybody’s Language

barking mad up the wrong tree

the final irony of existence

the eternal humdrum conundrum of why we writers write at all

the fate of all those faced with free will

a somewhat crazy notion

the zombie ballet

free-range poetry

save the last rain dance for me

remembrance of a thing past

the infinity principle

bird brained

the word wrangler’s lament

all that jazz or an atonal contrapunctual fugue personality disorder-ing of the senses

the squared-eyed monster

an ode to the field of broken dreams

the craigslist crusader’s note to self

as thirsty as faustus

augury found in the smallest of things

blind faith

a meditation on the undesirability of silence

In defence of indolence

Notes Towards a System of Higher Learning (A Cryptic Triptych)

memo from the man cave (no. 646)

okay, huston, we’ve got a far more immediate problem here

agenbite of inwit

insomnia as an article of faith

the manifesto of the incommunicado commando

the death of a comma

still life with nostalgia

Going, going, gone AWOL

my junkyard love

the happiness of a half-lived life

on heeding the omens of the nethermind

aka b#llsh!t inc

rejection city blues

when did home become a four-letter word

when did home become a four-letter word (part II)

when did home become a four-letter word (part III)

the best things in life

oh, my, is that the time?

Rousseau as after-dinner mint

An ode to the Goodyear blimp

you’ve been served by felix on lane 4

About How You Play the Game

living the lie/life

the pleistocene precedent

sleep as a higher purpose loan

A Toast to Living the Life Exalted


cosmetic perjury

the recipe for a happy life

rogue safety

for love of peace is not a construct

a question of mortality

an invitation to the after party

A Poem for Today

The Labor of Ages

home for the holi-daze

how kierkegaard got his kicks

the nature of injustice

why i don’t watch tv

a poem for miss renoir

the joys of happenstance

in which the 2nd Law of Empathy is considered…

a question of forsaken identity

language of the birds

death as a post

(excerpt from) diary of an anonymous poet

Land’s End: Swimming to Byzantium

The Simple Life Sampler

when the hunter becomes the hunted

black harvest

last legs

guilty by association

flea market economics

The Doors of Perspection Cleansed

Sing a Psalm of Somnolence

The Infinite Enemy

child’s play

the welcome party

lesson learnt

Driven to Abstraction

The Curse of the Queuing Beast

zero sum game

this makeshift experiment towards immortality we call poetry

Surviving the Generation Gap

nuncle, mine uncle sam

A Postcard from Pompeii

A Conceit Owing Much to I Who is Someone Else

for without her i am nothing

On Second Thoughts

Thy Kingdom Come Undone — (The Song of the Vanquished)

Spirit Photography

The Script of Ages Past

Confessions of a Made Man (Libertarian Ethics Explained)

Desert Isle Desiderata

Love the Dreamer, Not the Dream

No Two Snowflakes are Ever the Same

Peace Begins At Home

Picturing the “Past Perfect” Perfectly

The Poet as Seasoned Traveller

An Insider’s Glimpse Before the Show

Where’s the Pun in That?

Stop Me, If You’ve Heard This One

The Vehicle is Only Half the Message

The Omega Clause

The Ballad of the Missing Zero

An Ode to Less Pedestrian Times

Pulling Faces in a Fun-House Mirror

Those Things That Should Not Be

Poetic Injustice

A Feast of Words

The Dreaming Tree

New World Hunger

Water is an Orphan

Broken chords/Broken man

Revelation Sickness

The Phony Police Prank Phone Call

Unfinished Business — I Thought I Knew You Well

First Field Notes of a Visiting Alien Anthro-apologist

Shedding the Scales of Time

Catch of the Day

Left to My Own Devices

Man’s Work

The Invocation of the Earth Mage

The Alchemist’s Rose

Broken Promises

rigor mortis sunrise

To a House-guest in the House of Bondage

Bosco dei Mostri (Monsters’ Grove)

Poisoned Chalice

Reflections on the Lost Years

The Thirsty Muse



A Sign of the Times

Pillow talk

Lapis Bellatores (The Stone Warriors)

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