A Questionable Philosophy?

I was taken aback yesterday, when a young child, quite out of the blue, asked me what my philosophy was.

After doing a sort of double-take due to the impromptu nature of the question, I then tried to think whether I even have a philosophy as such. Sure, I’m always going on and on about a whole bunch of imponderables. But I tend to drift between whatever interests me, at any given time.

Anyway, not wanting to seem foolish in front of a child, I decided I really needed to come up with something fast. So I did. Because, apparently, unbeknownst to me, I do have my own personal philosophy floating around inside my mind, which (on reflection, I’m inclined to argue) guides me in how I generally view the world and others.

And here it is:

“Everybody should be allowed to do whatever they want, as long as it doesn’t interfere with anybody else.”

Slightly anarchic, I guess. But something I’m happy to stick with, until something better should come along. Interesting, though, that it took a child’s innocent question to put me in touch with this guiding principle I’ve been unconsciously living my life in line with, all this time. Oh well, from the mouth of babes, I suppose…

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2 responses to “A Questionable Philosophy?

  • ioniamartin

    Great philosophy and words to live by. If only everyone could think this way:)

    • Lorem Ipsum

      I guess, it’s pretty simplistic. But it just seems so obvious that we all need to be far more tolerant of each other’s right to freedom of speech, religion and belief etc. God knows, it’d quickly get pretty boring if we were all the same, anyway.

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