About – Who is Lorem Ipsum?

Who is LOrem IpsumIILorem Ipsum is the author of Missing Zero, a novel of Spiritual Alchemy.

As a writer it has always been, for Lorem Ipsum, about the Words, wOrds, woRds, worDs, wordS…

Perhaps, then, a poem reflects Lorem Ipsum’s literary obsession to become truly acquainted with the truth best:

On that day shall I make truth my totem

The eagle sitting perched
upon my shoulder is a
genuine impostor
no phony fraudster is he
dressed in his
technicolour trench-coat
he carries a dossier on me
inside a darkly
thumbed Manilla folder
should he choose
to turn informer
a liar and a cheater
I and he, we
are all three
the pride of none
and pleased so to be
this share of guilt
after an eyrie sort
of fashion
we shoulder together
like the hunchback
in the bell tower
of my head.

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