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an ode to the field of broken dreams


(photo by lorem ipsum)

an ode to the field of broken dreams

when a field once filled with
dreams has gone to seed
what happens to those dreams
does hope survive amongst the weeds
or are all our dreams destined to
be laid to rest in faded chalk and dust
while empty bleachers buckle and rust
bereft of cheer for either the eyes or ears
—family and friends having long disappeared

and what of the champions of such dreams
what of the home team long disheartened
have they too retreated defeated to their houses or
does each fight on alone to keep the dream alive
waiting only for that triumphant day to arrive
when (refusing to let all that’s been dreamt slowly
fade and die) once more as one will they take to the
fields of vision and defend the everyday dreams of the
common dreamer in us all.

Lapis Bellatores (The Stone Warriors)

After peace solves naked disorder
Angry he moves, the shadow
Desert bird
Where the body of the lion lay fastened
To the fatal impression
A photographic arrangement of
The anxiety of vibration
This is the formula moistened
Darkness becomes the issue of blood
For the end of whiteness
At last, to thee is risen
It originated to be finally you
So sleep well now on your beds of stone
Ye brave-hearted bellatores.