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aka b#llsh!t inc

presendential handover

January 2010: Photo of the Day (photo from http://www.whitehouse.gov/)

thems that are at the top
it should be duly noted
have now voted to privatize
their little black-and-white lies
having since moved to replace
the term responsible governance
with the more aptly titled
“b#llsh!t inc”!

a fancy launch has been also
mooted to be held at a
secret time and place
to help celebrate this
most historic of occasions
which we of diminished faith
(the people) are encouraged
to lend our support to by

“shelling out for the flow-on costs
of supplying crabmeat canapés to
an a-list of political superstars and
their near perfect-toothed partners in crime”

of course it will come of
no surprise to many the Bill
was passed with nary a murmur
of disquiet upon the floor
as this further erosion of our
rights—which in view of our absence
(and only after all due process)—was
enacted on our own behalf…

while in further related news
just to hand the government
(aka b#llsh!t inc) announces
a change in policy direction
dumping health care reform
in favor of the far more
lucrative long-term financial
boom of promoting on-line porn.


Canapes (Photo credit: Carolina Hornig)

for love of peace is not a construct

Love redux

original artwork by Lorem Ipsum

for love of peace is not a construct

how long will it be
until love should find
its way on to the new
index expurgatorius
that hateful list of outlawed
or forbidden words

for after all love is still the
most subversive of acts

as love loves no other
creed higher than another
the empty term of nationhood
is reduced to a childish prank
of obscene rhetoric for all
true lovers of the world

indeed the only patriotism
the heart allows is that love
of country those in love do sorely
covet (like homesick angels) when
they gaze into the heavens
of their most belovéd’s eyes.