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It’s Always the Green M&Ms You Have to Watch Out For!


(photo by Lorem Ipsum)

I spent today trying to investigate why my guitar effects unit has stopped working, when the culprit suddenly became obvious…a rogue green M&M holding a black hotwater bottle had snuck into the unit’s circuit board?! When candy goes bad, it goes really bad indeed, apparently!

Picturing the “Past Perfect” Perfectly

Photographs, like honeycomb
Cells capture sweet memories
Of static moments
Too fleeting to be digested
At the time of composure
A stolen glimpse of carefree
Indolence with friends
Or family gatherings
Around age celebrations or
Announcements of magnitude
Some milestone achieved
And happy, smiling faces
Making a show of bravery
Come what may
Secure in the knowledge that
Tomorrow never, ever will be
A mere facsimile of today.