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About How You Play the Game

If you can’t throw a game
of checkers convincingly
don’t bother with becoming
a parent is my advice to you

indeed the same holds true for
all ball sports (and other sundry
tests of skill too) learn to lose
like you’re the Pelé of own goals

level playing fields, be damned!
always be prepared, as a parent
to forfeit with panache and style so
as to know victory through peace.

sleep as a higher purpose loan

sleep quickly becomes the
default currency of
new parenthood with
all deals brokered solely
with a view to blissful repose

for immediately the IOUs
of deferred bedtimes begin to
accrue as an alarming fate once
the demands of on-demand feeding
orders the hours of the day

indeed never shall it be made
more apparent that it’s an entirely
bankrupt notion that the
wicked alone should make up
the ranks of the rest deprived

with dark circles permanently
etched under red eyes
the new parent is a futures trader
trading $$$s for Zzzs, in exchange
for his or her own slumbering needs.

The Labor of Ages

nothing sits as
squarely upon
our shoulders
as parenthood

the impossible
task of Sisyphus
seemingly more
rewarding and
less tiring

this boulder the
certainty that if
we were to simply
let go the result
may differ little

but still we labor on
if only to share the
view from the top
for a heartbeat
before slipping
and starting again

Surviving the Generation Gap

this is the cry
of the parent waiting
for the parent
in absentia
to come home
and soothe the hurt
even when there is none
no mother or father left
to come home to
whatever place
that might
now be
without them.