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some thoughts on those bits obituaries omit

newspaper copy reduces a life
to a ruly column of justified text
not that unlike a poem to be sure
but lacking in all poetic candor
favoring facts over the feel of
being in the physical presence
of the person no longer present
where born, what school attended
who married to, how many kids
what achievements made or
honors won tallied up like a
final balance sheet detailing an
individual’s worth instead of an
accurate portrait including those
moments filled with laughter/joy
but also equally those beset by
crabbiness and petty-mindedness
meaning that there is a total dearth of
well-rounded writing in death notices
(words that would bring their subject alive)
how different if it were said of the dead
by 6.00pm he smelled of rum most days
although in a good honest way or she
frequently spoke over the top of others
however what she had to say was far
more interesting than mere idle chit chat.