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oh, my, is that the time?


oh, my, is that the time?

save a seat for me at the mad hatter’s table
no, please, don’t say there isn’t any room!
’cause although i might be running late
i carry in my haste a special boon
the answer, you see, is killing me
as to why a raven is like a writing desk
i shan’t delay, i must confess for
unless this answer’s shared i cannot rest…
so, well, ahem, they are alike as ailke [sic] can be
from their being devourers of dead certainties
(those secret desires of which we dare not think)
as well as suggesting the color of spilled, black ink

a question of mortality

who will tidy the debris
of our lives when
we are gone
after all it won’t be
you and me
who will remain
to pick up
after ourselves

and if you really
care to think about
this legacy of
our obsolescence
you will agree
it’s not fair to
leave our children
such a thankless task

so who, then, will save
the jars of orphaned
buttons and old birthday
cards we collect
around us in our
wakes once we have
turned back again to
dust I challenge you

death as a post

death wears a
merciful face
when it comes
the moribund

but expect no
bouquet of
roses or frosted Cupid
cards sent by mail

there lies a jackal’s face
behind the mask

full well is the intent
of healing decay

yet in conclusion
death wears a
conciliatory face
the end of
a welcome gift
no matter that
its special delivery

The Omega Clause

Time is a glutton and devours all
Within its sight, leaving nothing
But scraps of eroded meaning
Skeletal skeletons of arbitrary form
We are subjected to its rigor
Mortis, like husks of dried insects
Collecting in drifts upon the window sills of
Mortality turned to dust with our final exhale.