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Pre-ambulatory nostalgia

It’s always tantalizing to try and imagine
what it might be like to meet in person
one of one’s literary heroes outside the
dog-eared pages of a much loved book
to stumble upon a favorite poet on the
verge of a country laneway for instance
one magic, lazy midsummer afternoon
just as he or she — found in garrulous
good mood and happy for company —
stops to tie the laces of an undone shoe
nature-bound with an urge to ramble on
at length through the field and over hill
for what epiphanies might be shared like this!
In short, to take a lengthy lake walk with Messrs
Wordsworth & Coleridge is my idea of bliss.

No Two Snowflakes are Ever the Same

Shakespeare never did this
Growled Charles Bukowski
And, likewise, I’m sure
“Old Hank”, the Infamous
Factotum King of the
Black Sparrow Press
Never did this, either
Blogging and Bukowski
Would have made for
Sordid bedfellows
Too much detail
About defiled mattresses
And whiskey-soaked sheets
A surplus of dirty realism
What’s more, his only advice
To hungry neophytes and
Would-be writer types
“Don’t try!”