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“Living the Dream” — Spiritual Alchemy in Action

“Follow your dreams” is a phrase we hear all the time. But how often do any of us actually take this advice to heart?

Well, anyhow, for the last few days I’ve been doing exactly just that — following a dream. And by dream I mean a literal dream. In other words the kind of dream we experience when we are asleep.

So, to elaborate, I had this dream a couple of months ago, in which I was deliberating about where I would most like to live. What was unusual, though, was that the dream next actually also provided me with a specific location, in answer to what represented the ideal place for me to relocate to.

Okay, let’s fast forward two months to now and cue music for a “road trip” montage. Because that’s what I’m currently doing, in fact. You see, I’m on a road trip to check out this prophesied land of milk and honey, as named in my dream.

It’s a 1500 kilometer round trip. And I’m not sure what it is I’m expecting to find at the end of the rainbow. But I’m following my dream just the same.

It’s a long shot, sure. But after spending all day driving and thinking about how I wanted to write today’s blog about following your dreams I randomly stopped in at a small, country cafe.

And guess what the first thing my eyes fell upon as I entered said cafe, hungry from spending all day searching for a sign I wasn’t on some sort of wild goose chase?

If you want to know what it was, take a look at the photo I took with my iPhone, below…