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blind faith

oftentimes it seems
when we don’t know
where we’re going is
exactly when we end up
where we’re meant to be
as if the soul’s compass
has directed us all along
mapping out our destinies
while we grope our way
down a dark path at midnight.

on heeding the omens of the nethermind

It feels like a pang of conflicted destiny
each time I voice this painful conclusion
yet still it seems obvious to me
the patterns of anxiety we find
ourselves imprisoned by in fact
express the longings of our damaged
internal gods wrongly called
monsters by some
gods that through neglect have become
those divinely ominous
anonymous denizens of our netherminds
who like prometheus
chained to his rock of eternal despair
are punished for consorting with humans
even though in reality
their sole wish is to afford us
the gift of celestial fire which we shun
from mortal fear of losing
sight of who we are so desperate
to believe ourselves as
purely being.