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insomnia as an article of faith

it’s a sacrificial tendency to
want to save pillows/people
from their feather-down fates
for what is it worse to be? the first
or last of one’s kind who retreats
into sleep, perchance to dream
so as to feel the teeth of the felt prowl
wolf pack who feed their master while
they eat their young or to rather be
the god that failed or its creature
that lives with its head in the clouds
of nostradamus’s oily scrying bowl
prophesying the future harvest
of souls right before the very eyes of
our disbelieving four-shadowed race.

black harvest

at the high tide mark
dead birds
literally hundreds…no
thousands of their bodies
littered in the sand
stretching off in a black arc

carbon copies
of our own
unique small death we buried
here beneath the stars

the youngest of us crying
begging to know how
the magic could ever
bring us back this life
when all we have
is each other

and this ritual of
uncertain faith
we undertake
in the dark.

Confessions of a Made Man (Libertarian Ethics Explained)

Within this municipality of
Fallen Angels
There’s no gift of sleep
For the truly wicked
Only hex-befuddled
Ultra-marathon night vigils
Convened around the
Dying embers of the many
Cruel luxuries of excess
All this in indirect
Contravention of those
Early accepted promises
Made covenant between
Heaven & Earth
Long since lost
In direct transmission
Due to bad energy diaspora
Committed by the so-called
Highly-favored Soul
Mafia Elite, masquerading
As the Hallelujah Police.