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Pulling Faces in a Fun-House Mirror

We offer ourselves
As live bait
To fatal beasts
In the name
Of entertainment
Most nights
For those less
Cursed than we
Pretend to be
Then served as
Leftovers, cold
Mon-Fri, 9 thru 5
Till the weekend and
Poor once more
It’s our honorary
Time to shine.

Revelation Sickness

Walked a desert mile, this a.m.
A half-swallowed viper
Caught in my
Death Valley throat
Making me gag
Looking for some burning
Behind which to retch and
Dislodge the discomfort
Of entrenched years of
The embittered failure/
Of a would-be hagiographer
Lost under a merciless sky
The skin peeling away from
Beneath my unseeing eyes
And across my
Crucified shoulders
In strips of midrashic law
To be interpreted later
In a time of peace
When the crows should stop
Circling my beaten
And bloodied excuse
For a brain
As all the time
My parched, split
Lips silently beseech
Through darkly-remembered
Prayer that the
Implacable godhead should
Thunder down
Forgiving rain instead of…

Unfinished Business — I Thought I Knew You Well

In my twilight hours
What most sorely
Shall I regret
Oranges soaked in
Never tasted or
Unspoken Blakean
Hungry passions
Long buried
In lazy mediocrity
A plateful of peas
Evading the fork
Of impure reason
And hot baths
For no other reason
Than to stew in
My own creative juices
All day, like Marat
Writing seditious tracts
Unstitching the emperor’s
Nude clothes
With a groan and
A whiplash, I lament
Why, why, for saké’s sake
Didn’t I decoupage
My underwear

Man’s Work

There exists a specific
gravity to the
of being a pallbearer
delivering a dearly
belovéd to
the open grave

such undertakings
hang heavy on the hands

the honor and finality no gentle
reminder of the fate each of us
waits patiently
in line for

to commit and surrender
the freshly dead unto the earth
a mother who devours
her children

now finished with
heavy labour

having accomplished our task

we fall back darkly
from whence we came.

Broken Promises

Climb into a pipe dream
And settle you there amongst
The soothing cradle imagery
See thee the angels, sitting there also
Knees tucked up to their chins
All chained all in a row their wings
Tipped with snow
Pretty burnt flowers left to wilt
And decay into silence
Festooned in their angelic hair
As you now breathe in
The afterglow of sapience
This clinging to the rocks of
Charybdis, while waving down
Another shipwreck
Lost in the haze of your
Habitual and most
Favorite malaise.

The Missing Zero Apocalypse Corner Welcomes You to Another Instalment of…

Apocalypse Thursdays


The Revelation of St John: 4. The Four Riders of the Apocalypse (Albrecht Dürer)

Where the eternal question every week is: 

And what rogue blog, its hour come round at last
Slouches towards the Apocalypse Corner to be reblogged?

This week the answer is Jack Chaser’s The Walking Dead Story, please read his reblogged post below…

So, people, let’s get busy immanentizing the Eschaton!