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when the whole is greater than the sum of our hearts


for some a tread plate heart makes sense
like those whose chests are frequently bruised and rent in the course of their relentless desire and pursuit of that purported whole
the platonic conceit which insists we are a single beast split apart forever searching after the banished complement to our depleted pining ego
and so if only built of sterner stuff the bearers of such proposed hearts of pre-hardened steel might never again feel the spurn of unrequited re-infatuation.

20/20 foresight

Set the controls of the time machine
For forty years of happily ever after
And see what has become of you and me
What is left of our romantic dream?
The children grown and out of home
Cottage garden and picket fence
Betraying the decaying ways
Of the intervening years
More toad again than prince
I see myself reflected in your eyes
Leading me to ask what enchantment
Has misled us down this garden path?

She Stooped to Conquer (or Better to Have Loved and Lost a Foot Race than…)


(image courtesy of Wikipedia)

One cannot but question why
Atalanta should have chosen
Golden apples over victory
Never bettered till she chose it
Losing all for love by choice

Swift of foot the virgin huntress
Delphic warnings she ignored
Ran a race she couldn’t win
When she sought to vanquish fate
Thereby handing love first place

Into lioness form they smote her
Ire of gods she did provoke so
This most heartfelt of mistakes
Even though one must suspect
Having lost she lost no pride.

some thoughts on those bits obituaries omit

newspaper copy reduces a life
to a ruly column of justified text
not that unlike a poem to be sure
but lacking in all poetic candor
favoring facts over the feel of
being in the physical presence
of the person no longer present
where born, what school attended
who married to, how many kids
what achievements made or
honors won tallied up like a
final balance sheet detailing an
individual’s worth instead of an
accurate portrait including those
moments filled with laughter/joy
but also equally those beset by
crabbiness and petty-mindedness
meaning that there is a total dearth of
well-rounded writing in death notices
(words that would bring their subject alive)
how different if it were said of the dead
by 6.00pm he smelled of rum most days
although in a good honest way or she
frequently spoke over the top of others
however what she had to say was far
more interesting than mere idle chit chat.




To sleep the sleep of the
anaesthesiac devoid of
dreams, empty as a sea shell
washed up onto the sands of
forgetfulness by the push-me
pull-you tides of reason
not even the memory of a
memory astir in the night
the cyclops inner eye shut
tight and the dialogue
of self shushed to less than
an ant’s whisper, for know
only this: such is the repose
of those the gods truly favor.

the joys of looking a gift nightmare in the mouth

the gift of foresight is as often
as not a curse bringing not joy
but anxiety through dreams of
events yet to happen the precise
meaning of which are unhelpfully
shrouded in ambiguity only made
clear once the prophesied calamity
has transpired or in other words
only once it is too late to change the
outcome and so night after night
falling asleep becomes part of the
greater ordeal of never knowing
what exactly tomorrow will bring
other than what one has spied
darkly like a sleepwalking double
agent in the corridors of the yet to be.

bypassing the heart of the mystery

This is the house Madame Blavatsky (as the
architect of the core tenets of New Age belief)
built although few know so now and of
how her theosophy helped assuage
the monotony of a world without God
owing to Darwin’s having pulled the rug
out underneath those who preached the
divine origin of the first woman and man
life soon becomes mechanical and bland
for while Blake long ago warned brothels
are built with the bricks of religion
the building blocks of science in turn shelter
the most irrational longings of our race.