Re-discovering the Top 10 Reasons of Why I Write

1. To find solace in words, when the myriad injustices and inequities of the world begin to weigh too heavily on my mind

2. To seek escape from the monotonous inner-monologue of anxieties and woes I plague myself with during times of forced idleness

3. Because I am a narcissist and therefore like to show off shamelessly

4. For, as an incurable optimist, I still cling to the slim hope that with language I can perhaps somehow bridge the vast interpersonal void that lies between each of us, however fleetingly

5. So I don’t feel like my entire English literature degree was a total waste of time

6. No other reason possibly than that practically all of my heroes are literary figures, and that I suffer from a chronically underdeveloped sense of self

7. Boredom

8. The almost certainly false assumption I have something unique to say

9. Because I am a vengeful cur and can never think of the perfect comeback/put-down until after a confrontation has ended

10. The fact I’m too lazy to take up any kind of alternative hobby that would require me to leave the house, buy different clothes or acquire new skill sets

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2 responses to “Re-discovering the Top 10 Reasons of Why I Write

  • dhonour

    A narcissist with an undeveloped sense of self, huh? That’s pretty hard to do! How about because you’re good at it, because you work at it and why shouldn’t you? You haven’t been around (for, like, a year…), but here’s my last post on writing. I think you’ll relate to the craft part. I’m selfishly glad to be able to read your underdeveloped sense of self’s narcissistic comebacks.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Yes, through absolutely no conscious design on my part, I’ve discovered it’s almost exactly one week less than a year since I last blogged. More important, though, is that you have also pointed out to me that even to my own mind I’m a bundle of contradictions — and perhaps that is the true essence of why I write. That and the endless plaudits and critical acclaim, obviously!

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