some thoughts on waxing and waning lyrical like the moon

there is no poetry coursing through my veins
when I first stare at the blank page
the grip of inspiration yet to take a hold of me
and that time come when I should feel again
like a wolf ensnared in a steel trap for
instead at first I taste the familiar taste of failure
a tightening in my chest a shortness of breath
what if my mind becomes undone? what if
my words cease to punch above their weight?
such questions vex me like a gypsy curse sworn
under a blood red moon in an evil, hieratic tongue
but even so I will endure all this and worse by far
if, as now, the wordless ecstasies I enjoy by tracing
the concatenations of my unknowable soul with a pen
continue to outshine the agonies of my self-inflicted doubt.

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4 responses to “some thoughts on waxing and waning lyrical like the moon

  • dhonour

    If I could ‘like’ this numerous times, I would. That bile producing fear of the words not coming and then the rush of eternal gratitude when they do, sometimes even a mote or smidge of cockiness at the feelings of self-doubt. Repeat endlessly. Do you write your poetry longhand and then transfer it, or do you write on your computer? Just curiosity on my part.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thank you, for the “multiple-like” sentiment; and it’s also nice to know I’m not alone in my agonizing over blank pages. Given time, I prefer to write ideas into a physical notebook by hand, which I then next tap into the notepad on my iPhone. Following that, I then copy/paste poems from notepad into the WordPress app on my iPhone. Why I like this approach is because little “happy accidents” tend to creep in at each stage of the transfer process. For example, autocorrect functions etc can sometimes help jumble up words and meanings in surprising new ways!

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  • brockprice80

    Good imagery. Not finding the right idea, or words, is a problem for me in all aspects of life, which has too many awkward silences. I feel selfish for filling it up with my own interests, and by the time I’ve studied up on the other person’s interests, the opportunity has passed and life moves on.

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