A civilized debate about a painful topic

All initiation calls for a sacrifice
the bloodier and more brutal the better
the subincision of the penis or
the knocking out of the two front teeth
if survived, would guarantee one’s acceptance
as an adult worthy of the name. However,
in our modern world all past rituals of initiation
are condemned for we are a civilized people
(of perpetually arrested development left
all too often scarred later in life by an
unshakeable and childish sense of futility) thus
we reject the savagery of tribal ways, although
by doing so we as good as condone that
self-harm our youth inflict upon themselves
in the guise of drug overdose and degrading
sexual encounters, while somewhere
a middle ground exists ignorantly ignored.

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4 responses to “A civilized debate about a painful topic

  • Don

    “while somewhere
    a middle ground exists ignorantly ignored.”

    So true. We are suffering the consequences of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Instead of re-interpreting, or re-inventing our rituals of rites of passage, we’ve simply thrown them all out. The consequences are enormous. Great post, Lorem.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thanks, Don. I can’t say I’ve got a clear vision of that middle ground yet. But as you say, I too believe the consequences are enormous and easily visible in the social problems our youth face daily.

  • words4jp

    very thought provoking – never thought of this in this way – i see much truth in what you are saying.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thank you, for your supportive comment. It’s a fairly contentious topic, I suppose, but then I guess that’s also ultimately what made me want to write about it. And I’m drawn to controversy rather than consensus nine times out of ten, anyhow. Thought provoking is best result I could have hoped for, therefore.

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