gin and limelight

“love it, leave it and
love it some more…”
implores the torch-song
singer singing her song
of old world heartache
this siren of a faded bakelite age
her grip on the microphone
like she’s got a fistful of
her dirty lover’s spine
the band on their break
leave her to the spotlight
she so adores.

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5 responses to “gin and limelight

  • John W. Howell

    The title of the post reminded me of Gin and Karaoke. Neither Chuck or I could stand. . . but sing, My god could we sing.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Yes, John, it’s a little known fact, but Chuck invented the new, exciting full contact version of Karaoke called Karate-oke, which fuses the two disciplines of singing and kick-boxing (almost seamlessly). I, however, never progressed past 3rd Dan, finding it practically impossible to hit high C, while being repeated roundhouse kicked to the larynx. I can still break roof tiles with my bare arpeggios, though, if you were wondering. Thank you for commenting, and make sure to have a Norris day. PS I’m pretty sure you owe me a hundred bucks…

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