what’s three percent between close family?


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it’s a scientific fact humans
make the best people even
for all their weaknesses and
failings, none better fit the bill
the school teachers teach us
but I wonder if such an idea
holds all that much water when
it’s also said that we inhabit
the best of all possible worlds
this in spite of pestilence and
famine, not to mention wars
and third-world exploitation
Confucius might express this
problem in a less confused way
thus: orangutans share 97% of
their DNA with humans but have
never forced another species
to the brink of extinction, ergo
this great ape makes a monkey
of us and our claim to being the best
of all possible people we can be.

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4 responses to “what’s three percent between close family?

  • John W. Howell

    Some would argue that the monkey doesn’t know enough to reek havoc on the environment. I agree with you. It doesn’t speak well for the human species. (Humans can’t suck enough)

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Yeah, it’s probably a cheap shot, on my part, John, to attack the human race’s track record on such things, when we suck so much, as you have rightly pointed out. But I’ll take the easy route every time, being after all only human myself. 🙂

  • dhonour

    It’s amazing how much fuckery can be contained in 3 percent, isn’t it? That said, what is the old saying about 1,000 monkeys and 1,000 typewriters? (was is you that wrote about that recently? The other 97% of my DNA is aging and my short term memory is not what it used to be!)

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Ah, the old 3% fuckery rule of human nature. And, yes, I did recently write about the monkeys sitting at typewriters-thing. To quote the Rolling Stones (remember them?): “what a drag it is getting old”, and they should know, right? 🙂

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