clued-in to ancient rites of passage


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to be literally clueless is to be
bereft of a ball of thread
for it was with such an aid that
Theseus did slay the half-man
half-bull housed in the labyrinth
Ariadne it was that gave the
Athenian hero a clue of his own
to navigate the maze and kill
the monster that fed exclusively
on youth, hence why of the young
even in these days barren of myth
the old are so ready to despair, “O,
if they only had a clue!”

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2 responses to “clued-in to ancient rites of passage

  • dhonour

    You really are going to make me dig out my mythology books, aren’t you?

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Damn right! Joseph Campbell (one of my heroes) made his name touting his belief in The Power of Myth. Something I whole-heartedly agree with. So, yes, dust off your dusty tomes of Greek and Roman myth you’ve left sitting in packing boxes in the loft. You owe it to yourself, and I guarantee your boys will benefit no end from hearing you read to them the tales of brave Ulysses etc.

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