the eternal humdrum conundrum of why we writers write at all

with an infinite amount of time a
monkey at a typewriter it’s said
will reproduce the collected works of
Stratford’s most famous bard but
as the lifespan of an ape such as you
or I is fixed it smacks of rank futility it
seems to me to keep on tapping at these
infernal keys only so that curséd
prince of Elsinore once more should
question the merit of ending it all, ’cause
life is short and not to act is death.

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5 responses to “the eternal humdrum conundrum of why we writers write at all

  • John W. Howell

    Interesting post. I have always wondered why I keep pounding this key board. I like the finality of death as an incentive. Need to convince my wife. I suspect she might just agree with giving up writing in spite of the consequences. Thanks

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  • dhonour

    I have often tried to figure out why I write and I still have no flipping clue. But when I do I am happy and when I don’t I am anxious. Mind you there is always the anxiety of not knowing if you will be able to pin down those wiggly worm like thoughts with sharpened sticks, but I guess that is part of the fun. To write or not to write. I was at Helsignor recently (the real Elsinore). It is truly magnificent and houses the Danish sleeping giant Holger Dansk in it’s underbelly, where he lay dormant until the Danes need him to come to life once again.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Holger Dansk, being a giant, sounds like he might give King Arthur a run for his money come the hour of Denmark’s greatest need. Yes, I think we all write because we must. But I don’t think there will ever be another Shakespeare (or whoever it was who wrote the plays attributed to him), which means we must make do with what scraps the muses supply us with for their amusement, I guess.

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