a somewhat crazy notion

what if it is true that sanity
is merely a conspiracy of the
haves versus the have-nots
those replete with normalcy
against those cataloged as
crazy by a system in which
the nut-house always wins
the diagnosis of mental stability
unfairly weighted in favor of a
clique of like-minded fascists
committed to a ruthless regime
whereby belonging is synonymous
with the right to consign others
to the head bin of insolvency.

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3 responses to “a somewhat crazy notion

  • words4jp

    a crazy notion but not that far fetched really:)

  • dhonour

    You sound like you’ve been re-reading your Vonnegut lately. On a personal note, this hit home with me a little today as I was thinking a lot of my father, who used to often comment that if you worried you were crazy you were probably perfectly sane; because those that were truly insane had no doubts about their own sanity. We had/have a fairly loony family tree…

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Interestingly, the late movie on TV after I had finished writing this poem was Slaughter House 5. Go figure?! But I only got to watch about the first 5 minutes or so. I guess, the general gist of both Vonnegut and this poem is that everything is relative, including reality. And there’s nothing more relative than one’s own relatives (a weak pun, I know). I had a loony father also, but fortunately the insanity seems to skip a generation in my family. My great grandfather died by doing a swan dive into a gold mine. True story!

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