bird brained

I am a bowerbird of words
and will swoop down on the
choicest of terms picked up
mid-conversation or similarly
overheard, ever hungry after the
ecstasy of chaos expressed in
a sentence of despair, gathering up
favorite phrases/perfect cadences
treasured trinkets for my mental nest.


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Just some guy trying to figure out where the "on" switch is hid on the remote control—ah, forget it. Because, you know what, I'm also the kinda guy who always likes the book waaay more than the movie! View all posts by Lorem Ipsum

8 responses to “bird brained

  • bluesage63

    “bowerbird”for words.. indeed. Love it! I can picture him now 🙂

  • annotating60

    It doesn’t matter where thinmgs are taken from; only where they are taken to.>KB

  • dhonour

    “So I will play vulture and pick over the carrion of my own words to find the choicest bits to gnaw on and digest.” Great minds. Loving these recent wordsmith poems.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Great minds indeed! It’s interesting that your Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl post you quote from here is the piece immediately before the very first post of yours I ever read.

      Let me tell you one thing, though, about the “the goddamn book” you feel you need to write, having written such a novel myself: don’t fool yourself about why you are doing it.

      I too felt that “it doesn’t matter if it’s good, or if anyone else reads it, those things can be decided down the line.” But you know what? It does matter! If you write a book, it’s because you want it to be read.

      Fortunately, you’re already well ahead of me by having a blog in place and a readership etc. I put the cart before the horse, by writing a novel and then trying to generate interest afterwards. WRONG. Promote the hell outta that thing as you write every page. Just sayin’… 🙂

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