the word wrangler’s lament

apathy argued against the
writing of this poem but
only half-heartedly before
it conceded defeat with a
sigh, “whatever, man,” it said
headed back for the couch
and so left to wrangle words
into lines on the page I enjoy
the pyrrhic victory that
is a poet’s wages.

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2 responses to “the word wrangler’s lament

  • dhonour

    love. Right up there with one of my favorite quotes about writing: The art of writing is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair, which is attributed to Mary Heaton Vorse, who I have never heard of and also to Kingsley Amis, who I have heard of. Regardless. Great stuff.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Glad you liked the poem. Haha, that truly is a great quote! It’s kind of interesting it should be attributed to two different people. Like you, I’ve only heard of Kingsley Amis before. I must admit I struggle most with writing exactly because it is a sedentary art, and I am not one for sitting still at a desk for very long. Lying on the couch with an iPhone, now that is an entirely different matter…

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