the craigslist crusader’s note to self

what is sherlock holmes with-
out his moriarty
or lex luthor without his
superman — a worthy
nemesis goes a long way to
defining the true character
of a woman or man — which is
why I have decided
to take the plunge and
advertise for an arch
rival/mortal enemy/dire foe
to provide adversarial services and
general games of “cat ‘n’ mouse”
(NB common stalkers/past
applicants need not apply)
spandex and capes not looked
upon too kindly; evil geniuses also
run the risk of being thought of
as terribly passé, please call
555-HERO and ask for jeremy.

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6 responses to “the craigslist crusader’s note to self

  • John W. Howell

    I called the number and it was busy. I guess you are getting a lot of applicants. I’ll take my secret weapon designed to destroy mankind to another hero venue. (also I didn’t mention my beautiful assistant) Sorry about that.:-)

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Curses, foiled again! The phone was only busy because I was ordering pizza, before sitting down to watch a Big Bang Theory marathon on TV. Really, you’d be surprised to know that the response has been a little disappointing, so far. A good nemesis these days is hard to find, I’m telling ya! BTW, is your secret weapon a death ray? Because, beautiful assistant or not, I’m kinda scared of death ray-wielding destroyer of mankind-types. I was hoping for more of the sort of fiendish enemy who steals your parking spot outside of the 7-Eleven… 🙂

  • dhonour

    I have a nemesis. It sounds better on paper than it is in real life ;-).

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