augury found in the smallest of things

a bird flew into our house today
all I saw was a blur of feathers
and then it was there
stunned on the window sill
frantic for escape from a space
as alien to its life as the inside
of a tralfamadorian battlecruiser
it looked at me with fear in its eye
out of instinct rather than true recognition
I took a sheet from the bedroom
and threw it over the sparrow where
it beat its wings against the glass
holding my breath I walked outside
with the bundle and gently shook it
before watching the wayward traveller
take once more to the sky.


NB While not direct influences on this poem, I would like to mention two posts by other bloggers I read recently, which have no doubt informed my own writing in this piece, even if only unconsciously. The first is an interview with John W Howell, where he talks about his admiration for Kurt Vonnegut’s writing ( The connection being the mention of Tralfamadorian in my poem, which is an obvious reference to the alien species Kurt Vonnegut writes of in a number of his works. And second I wish to draw attention to Dina Honour’s post Flying Lessons ( just because it’s so brilliant, mostly. But also because of the shared theme of flight in our two posts. Might I just add that a bird really did fly into our house this afternoon (and that was my primary source of inspiration) if there is still anybody reading at this point…phew!

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2 responses to “augury found in the smallest of things

  • dhonour

    High praise indeed (in sticking with the whole flight/soaring theme…). I am very pleased to hear that your wayward traveler survived. (We once found a bird floating in our toilet. I still have no clue how it managed the window.) It does make you pause and think sometimes, those little moments. This was really lovely. And thank you again for the compliments and the mention.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      You’re welcome. It’s nice to be able to make mention of posts one has enjoyed reading, now and again. I so hope your bird in the toilet didn’t end up being flushed! Although I think I can beat even that, because once I found a bat on my towel. I guess, it must have hitched a ride in from off the washing line?!

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