a meditation on the undesirability of silence

the music school soprano sings
somewhere over the rainbow
accompanied by a two-finger
chopsticks-proficient pianist
while meanwhile the children’s
recorder choir puts its own
unique special spin on the din
by serving up a discordant
(though infectiously hummable)
merry air in demi-semi-unison
absolutely everywhere the hallways
themselves reverberate and abound
with the sounds of desire after
perfection at once spilling from
a teacher’s study nook only to be
again drowned out by a rehearsing
stridently-slipshod string quartet or a
fledgling bird-like saxophonist’s squawks
every body straining for the attention of
an overworked muse’s undivided favor
or ironically failing that at the very least
seeking to satisfy the self’s irrepressible
need to be heard in glorious sound-
proof isolation.


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