memo from the man cave (no. 646)

café talk soon wearies me
I’m not a fan of it you could say
much rather preferring to read
a mediocre book than to hear
that tiresome stream of twaddle
about ill-matched relationships and
machiavellian workplace plots
other people seem so anxious
to discuss over a coffee cup

what depresses me most, I guess
(speaking as one who’s leery of slander)
is the unhappy likeness to happy hour
the café crowd suggest as they
huddle in their gaggles fomenting
interpersonal unrest, whilst bereft
of the benefits of alcohol I am
forced once more to listen to
their sadly undiluted claptrap

there are those of course loyal to
this scene I so deplore who will
insist I merely lack for scintillating
company and dismiss my complaints
as the lukewarm outpourings of a
coffee-hating maniac, when the truth is
simply I’ve all too often seen the sharing of
the percolated bean kill genuine conviviality.

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