agenbite of inwit

once more I find I have
recourse to consider
Mr Joyce’s agenbite of
inwit, while lying here
close to tears, regretting
such heavy carousing
of the night before
I nurse this self-afflicted
sickness languishing upon
an unforgiving floor

it feels again to me as if
the bite of insight eats me
from the inside out
oh lord, inwit it chews into my
soul like a weevil through
an anvil if the anvil were only
cast of pain and the weevil
of the very cruelest steel

yet pity me not, I beseech
of thee, for this world of misery
I inhabit as both martyr and
apostle, this being the cost of
happiness I bought in the guise
of a hapless red wine bottle.


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2 responses to “agenbite of inwit

  • dhonour

    We used to have a ‘no sympathy for hangovers’ rule in our house. We’ve eased up on it a bit as we’ve gotten older and those headaches tend to hit you a lot harder these days, especially when a small being wants to play at 6 a.m….

    • Lorem Ipsum

      The tough-love approach to hangover sufferers is the best medicine by far. Unless that sufferer is me, obviously, because in that case people need to understand that I deserve to be treated like an ailing prince! Cheers (oh, my aching head…)

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