the manifesto of the incommunicado commando

well, I got me my 3D HD TV and
life just lost a little more of its mystery and
I got as well as these, as a kind of therapy
some wifi hi-fi electronic mood-modifying
pacifier earphones to blanket out the noise
of all those other humans who be forever
breathing too close to me and my blissful
virtual reality which I got streaming directly
through my replacement eyes supplied
courtesy of that same company who’ve
made a name for themselves out of ogling
us and everything we do as we navigate this
ever-shrinking stinking planet (both online and off)
but hell I ain’t no cynic still ’cause even
if it’s a con next year I’m seriously
thinking of upgrading to a cerebral
implant pack so as to save a bundle
on isp fees and score a whole shitload of the
latest zeitgeist apps like direct speech to text
translation services so I can do away with the
actual contact of having to speak to my real
analogue family or friends choosing instead
to send them this shared message off-peak:
gr8 2 no u but I can’t b reached I’ve
run away to b a cyberfreak.

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