rejection city blues

rejection slips like stale
old love letters telling of the end
come back to haunt me
offering one more reason
to spend another day in bed
dreaming up the direst revenge

no real reason is ever supplied
simply a different slant on the
industry-approved glad-hand
goodbye, each dismissive missive
starting out the same “Thank you
so much for thinking of me…”

“…however, I regret to inform you
blah blah blah…”

trust me, though, this poem isn’t
a plea for pity, oh, no, as sympathy
is far too saccharine for my tastes
instead I rant thus to relieve the
boredom of counting the errors
of my scribble-happy ways

seriously, I ask you what good
would come of acceptance anyway
when good writing itself has come
to be judged after the fashion of a
teenage prom-queen popularity
contest (I fear I do protest too much!)

so instead I will wear my failure
with dignity if not pride or aplomb
knowing full well not all that is printed
is fit to be read and vice versa
concerning what we writer’s invent…
thereby rejecting rejection as God.

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7 responses to “rejection city blues

  • John W. Howell

    You really nailed the rejection blues. I loved the line “offering one more reason to spend another day in bed dreaming up the direst revenge.” I can’t think of a better description of the feeling.

  • Mike

    Take heart, it’s not your failure it’s their lack of good taste 😀

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Genius is all too often cruelly misunderstood, it is true, Mike. But I’m sure you will support me when I say it is a burden you and I are prepared to endure, no matter the outcome or personal cost! 😉

  • dhonour

    And that’s why I never even send anything out. If I don’t send it, it can’t be rejected, right?

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thank you, for thinking of me as someone who might be interested in viewing your comment, however, I regret to inform you due to the high quality of comments coming in currently your comment is being returned to you. I sincerely wish you the best of luck finding someone who will read your comment and give it the consideration it deserves. God bless! 🙂

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