when did home become a four-letter word

homely is a much
maligned term
in this sadly crazy
world driven mad by
the insipid railings of
those twin false prophets
glamor and glory

equally unjust is how
homespun should now
have become synonymous
with hokey, as wisdom
edges closer to becoming
a dish served in pre-packaged
portions washed down with
obligatory buckets of Gatorade
consumed in front of each garishly
televised new year’s parade

for goodness’ sake
in the midst of all this
uncultured chaos, I ask
what’s so wrong with
bed socks and breakfasts
over easy before noon
shared with a good book
no appointments and
the telephone off the hook?

why is it the thought
of this private sanctuary
dedicated to familial bliss
should be so injurious to some
I wonder is it because
there is not a dollar to be made
from the business of minding
one’s own…for really what
danger is it that we speak of
when we say we’re feeling
right at home…


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