the best things in life

Photo courtesy of wikipedia

Photo courtesy of wikipedia

the best things in life

there’s always something
else to spend your money on
a new car house underwear
the latest must-have
staking its claim on you and
your future happiness (of course
let’s not forget contentment also)
but what’s it all for when
air water sunlight all remain free
the essential ingredients of a rainbow
because if you care to think
about it maybe there’s your cauldron
of faery gold right there

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2 responses to “the best things in life

  • Mike

    The simple truth stated concisely and eloquently. Argue at your peril.

  • words4jp

    this is so very, very true. When I saw the title the song “The Best Things in Life Are Fee” rang in my head – by Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson. There are many other songs with the same titile, but this is the one that hit my ear buds:) – in a symbolic sense!

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