An ode to the Goodyear blimp

It’s days like this
I wish I’d studied law
like I was meant to
rather than scratching
out an existence as
an anonymous poet bum

there is no retirement fund
for self-funded scribblers and
the perks of sleeping in
are wearing thin, as is
the fact no one will look me
in the eye when I say I’ve
had a good year again

and now even my own dreams
conspire against me telling
me I’ve chosen the wrong path
I should have studied law they say
but I threw it all away to study
the whispers of clouds and
the daydreams that keep
piling up inside my head
not to mention the view.

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5 responses to “An ode to the Goodyear blimp

  • dhonour

    Gorgeous. And never regret not studying law, lawyers are up their own asses almost all the time and there are far too many of them in the world. Someday, a long time from now, you will be happy that you chose to follow the whisper of clouds. Because that is what makes you so universally you.

  • Lorem Ipsum

    Hey, I’m almost exclusively up my own ass all the time. and I don’t earn anything near like what a lawyer does! Although I must say I hope you’re right about my looking back without regret, in years to come. I suppose, if there are regrets, however, I can always drown them with a few medicinal spiked lemonades, now and again. Haha. Cheers! 🙂

  • MuseWriter

    I earned degrees and still came out a writer! haha sometimes there are no choices

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