you’ve been served by felix on lane 4

everything happens
for a reason we’re told
except the reading
of this poem
which remains
a completely arbitrary
affair dictated by
the random interplay
that exists in the dark
spaces between
the written word
and you the reader
the question of its
ultimate meaning yours
alone to impart/imply


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4 responses to “you’ve been served by felix on lane 4

  • lowbrowangel

    absurdist poetry it is man !

  • bluesage63

    oh yea, there’s that “space beween again”.:) and btw thanks for the likes. Speaking of likes though,I am confused about people “liking” a post, do you “like” a post when you truly like it, or do you just click like beacause you have nothing else to say about that post? I “like” a post truly because I have read it and like what the post has to say. Thanks for any input

    • Lorem Ipsum

      I personally would never “like” a post I didn’t read and enjoy. The reason I don’t always comment, after hitting the like button, is that I often worry I’ll say the wrong thing. It’s very easy in cyberspace for what you write to be misconstrued, because the subtleties of speech, such as tone and inflection, are missing. I really struggle to find the right words to offer my support and encouragement, when commenting, without sounding either insincere or pompous. Anyway, I read a good post by a fellow blogger about this whole “liking” business, which you might like…see here:

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