sleep as a higher purpose loan

sleep quickly becomes the
default currency of
new parenthood with
all deals brokered solely
with a view to blissful repose

for immediately the IOUs
of deferred bedtimes begin to
accrue as an alarming fate once
the demands of on-demand feeding
orders the hours of the day

indeed never shall it be made
more apparent that it’s an entirely
bankrupt notion that the
wicked alone should make up
the ranks of the rest deprived

with dark circles permanently
etched under red eyes
the new parent is a futures trader
trading $$$s for Zzzs, in exchange
for his or her own slumbering needs.


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9 responses to “sleep as a higher purpose loan

  • Mike

    A clever piece told artfully. Very creative – kudos to you.

    PS survival is assured in the vast majority of cases.

  • dhonour

    We used to call it ‘the sleep lottery’. As your head hit the pillow, you never knew if it would be your lucky night or not.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Sorry, for the tardy response. Just writing this poem reminded me of how much sleep I have lost through being a parent, and so I decided to spend the greater part of today (Saturday) in bed…and, yes, I guess, I do feel like I’ve just won the lottery because of it! 🙂

      • dhonour

        Funny you should mention that, because my next post is an ode to the lazy Sunday. Something else you miss when you are a parent!

        • Lorem Ipsum

          Funny, indeed! Well, I’m guessing one of us is a mind reader; either that, or it’s because being a parent is the leading cause one turns to blogging in the first place. So we share the same pain, in other words. Although I’m not dieting and abstaining from drinking, at the moment, so your pain is obviously greater…sorry, I didn’t mean to rub it in. 🙂

  • safia

    That triggers a few memories. I was advised too late ‘sleep when she does’ and paid the price. Now, the dark circles are because of trying to post a blog after bedtime and getting distracted by prolific poetry producers like your good self. 🙂

    • Lorem Ipsum

      I’m always happy to provide distraction! And as long as I don’t come to be perceived as merely part of the greater plague of prolific poetry producers out there, I’m also happy to accept the alliterative title you have dubbed me with. Cheers! 🙂

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