an invitation to the after party

for such it is written…

that four bleak horsemen
shall seek to plagiarize
our lives, through pain
and petty pestilence
yea, sans pity, verily
a-galloping will they
come to darkly override
each life’s eternal prize

so go now and gather
up thy skirting, sister
which you’ve left
lying in the mire

the time of famine it doth
drive this hungry storm
full bent with intent to eat
its bodyweight in souls
the trumpet blare
which doth rend the air
a dread sound come from
within its hungry hollow

tis an unholy war this war foretold
in half-forgotten rhyme this
unrepentant curse of conquest
visited upon all of humankind

yet who alone can unseat Death?
you ask, forswearing the hot breath
of this his unforgiving mare, not in truth
a question, rather a barely whispered prayer…

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