A Poem for Today

It feels disloyal
For me to say it
But I think if
I could draw
I wouldn’t write
Poetry at all

As words can
Oftentimes erase
The very things
We poets seek
To preserve

Where the artist
Will faithfully
Their vision
Upon the page
I am left to make
Do with an ironic
Turn of phrase

Which is perhaps
All just another
Way for me to say
It’s too sunny to be
Writing a poem for

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6 responses to “A Poem for Today

  • Elizabeth Melton Parsons

    I love this because I can relate on two levels. Both from my poetry and my art. Can never seem to get my vision on canvas. In fact I think I have better luck with the poetry. 🙂

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thank you! I guess it’s ultimately a case of the “grass is always greener”. Because I really do envy those that can paint/draw etc. Instead, I try to make do with the best I’ve got. Sometimes, however, words just don’t express experiences as intensely as I wish they could. Oh, well!

  • ioniamartin

    Lovely! Interesting dichotomy us artists face.

  • dhonour

    Don’t you dare! I get this. When I used to write short fiction a tortured artist type (I was young….don’t judge), I always made them a sculptor or painter or welder–but something visual and concrete. Writing is so much more abstract. You don’t have to think to enjoy a painting, or a statue or a video installation. It is often an instant and visceral reaction. Not so with words. But that’s what makes it worthwhile.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Don’t worry, there’s absolutely no danger of my suddenly discovering that I have a hidden talent for drawing/painting/sculpting etc, believe me. No, I was simply toying with the idea of possessing an easier and more direct way of expressing myself, while also experiencing life more directly than writing typically allows. But words still remain my tools of trade, even when I feel like skiving off from writing for the day!

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