last legs

after checking
into the exit lounge
my mother
a walk outside
the day bitterly
cold, even for
late autumn
and the wind icy
she struggled
ever onwards
despite the
dire conditions
i plan to do
a lot more of
this, she said
now, i’m here
with her scarf
wrapped up
around her face
she looked
like a noble
peasant woman
of the steppes
which many lives
ago she had
once been
and yet although
it was never
my place
to correct her, no
not even now
i never saw
my mother

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2 responses to “last legs

  • Setsu

    Thought-provoking and so vivid… It reminded me of the peasant woman carrying a tower of sticks in the movie “Orlando.”

    • Lorem Ipsum

      I’m not sure if I’ve seen Orlando. Unless it’s the film starring Tilda Swinton, in which case, I have seen it, but such a long time ago I don’t recall anything much about it! I’m glad, though, you found the poem vivid. In particular, I can still remember just how very icy the wind was that day, all these years later. Thanks, for commenting!

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