this makeshift experiment towards immortality we call poetry

carry my dreams onward
for me, forever forward
of this time and place
to conquer the landscape
of the mind eternal
with words never quiet
or restful but bristling
with bellicose intentions
a marching army of
serif-footed fire ants
setting aflame the
encroaching dark, forgetful
nighttime of our mortal woes
for this is the poet’s special favor
sanctioned as divine comedy
to alone survive
that final utterance
those less damned
are earsilenced by.

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3 responses to “this makeshift experiment towards immortality we call poetry

  • Lady Diane Randall

    Wow… EXCELLENT! Regarding inspiration – mine, and perhaps yours as well – is the wide-open universe, the dark and the light, of words and emotions and subconscious highways and byways. In simpler phrasing: when we write, amazing words pull us along for a cosmic ride in which we poets are mere passengers, having bought our tickets when we first clicked the pc or pen. Where the ride ends, and whether or not we survive it, depends on the Operator.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Your comment outshines my poem in poetic exuberance alone! Phew, that’s one wild ride I sure would like to experience — as long as the return trip is also included, lol. Praise be, to the Great Operator in the Sky! 🙂

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