Thy Kingdom Come Undone — (The Song of the Vanquished)

There is no chorus of the damned
No acapella choir of the apocalypse
Only the siren song of singular suffering
Each of the forsaken moan alone, as one.

In their intimate places of sorrow
Scattered over the blasted heath of regret
Those vanquished by the maligned message
Raise their voices in praise of none.

First choice for 1st Voice, this baleful drone
Of a cheer-abandoned balladeer
Who chills the blood of all who would hear
As he sings to thee of thy kingdom come undone.

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2 responses to “Thy Kingdom Come Undone — (The Song of the Vanquished)

  • dhonour

    Have you been watching Game of Thrones again? ;-). Loved this. Particularly ‘siren song of the singular suffering’ as I am a sucker for alliteration. But shades of Greek tragedy lamentations and ye Olde English ballads. Love.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      “Thy Kingdom Come Undone” would totally make a great tag-line for “Game of Thrones”! In fact, I googled it, to check whether it was already just such a tag-line, following your comment. Apparently, a band called Head Hits Concrete released an album around 2007 of that name (ie Thy Kingdom etc). So, I don’t know whether I could suggest it to the makers of Game of Thrones and collect a nice big royalty cheque, after all! Thanks, for the idea, though!

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