Freshly Pressed — The Top 5 Facts and Fallacies About What It’s Like to Be (WordPress) Famous For a Day

Now, as the dust begins to settle, once again, within the greater Missing Zero Blog landscape, I thought it might be timely to share my impressions of the Freshly Pressed phenomenon, while it’s all still fresh in my mind.

I know, for instance, when I first started blogging, I looked at those select-few bloggers featured on the Freshly Pressed page as virtual Gods of the Blogosphere, as fabled attainers of the unattainable and as some of the luckiest S.O.Bs to ever submit a blog post, bar none.

But now I know differently. The fact is I was thinking fallaciously, all along. And hence why, in this post, I will now seek to clear up, once and for all, the many facts and fallacies surrounding this whole Freshly Pressed caper.

So, let us begin:

Fallacy No.1 — The Freshly Pressed Are Not As Others

I, sadly, do not consider myself a virtual (or otherwise) God of the Blogosphere, even now having since joined the ranks of the hallowed and select few that make up the Freshly Pressed. Moreover, my status within the human race, more generally, remains as one who is fallible as opposed to one worthy of fable. Household chores, like cleaning toilets and putting out the trash, still call me their b!tch, while even close family members maintain their strict refusal to genuflect in my august presence. Go figure?

Fact No. 1 — No News is Good News (ie You Don’t Want To Read The Email Telling You You’re About To Be “Freshly Pressed” 48-hours Prior To It Occurring)

This is the sort of email you want to find after the event, trust me. I was, like, “cool, I’m about to be Freshly Pressed. I better just check all my links are working and that my blog-roll is up-to-date etc. And then, like, for the next 48-hours or so, I kept logging in, every 15 minutes, to see if the Freshly Pressed miracle had actually happened yet. Think back to what it was like to be a child, when you stayed up all night trying to catch Santa Claus delivering presents on Christmas Eve. Well, it was nothing like that. Because I didn’t sleep, at all, for two nights! Aargh!

Fallacy No. 2 — If You Slavishly Copy The Latest Batch Of Freshly Pressed Blogs, You’ll Also Get The Nod

Believe me, I’d completely given up on the idea of ever getting Freshly Pressed. Instead, my primary focus, even now, is to achieve one post per day, for the whole year. I mean, if nothing else, your chances of getting noticed multiply significantly, when you write daily posts anyway.

However, beyond that, as a writer looking to improve his or her chops, no better workout exists than committing yourself to submitting a new blog post every single day. So forget about the imagined competition and embrace the sense of community. And remember, above all else, “to thine own self be true”.

Fact No. 2 — Everyone Is Entitled To Their 15 Minutes of Fame, So Why Not The Freshly Pressed Also?

You know, along with admiring glances, I must confess I tended to harbor feelings of extreme resentment towards those newly initiated into the Freshly Pressed inner-circle. I couldn’t help thinking they knew something I didn’t, so as to get recognized the way they had. Maybe they were part of some secret handshake club I didn’t qualify for. Or worse, maybe they were all supremely talented, and I was merely a self-published hack. Well, in news just in, I’m still merely a self-published hack, but I’ve somehow also made the cut for Freshly Pressed. And, if I can, anybody can.

BTW If there is a secret handshake, it’s so secret even the Freshly Pressed themselves aren’t allowed to know of its existence, evidently.

Fallacy No.3 — Getting Freshly Pressed Is Like Winning the Lottery

People say this all the time. And, by saying it, they mean, of course, that the chances of being picked for the WordPress front page are pretty much stacked against it ever happening. But, let me tell you, my bank balance is still missing more than a couple of zeroes, after being given the Freshly Pressed nod. So I know I definitely haven’t won the lottery in the conventional sense of the term.

Hell, believe me, I haven’t won anything in a financial sense ever! Not even $100. Yet, more importantly, in this context, up till now, I also haven’t ever had a single piece of writing feature in a journal or magazine etc, either. That is, even though, I’ve penned a novel and countless songs and poems and consider myself to be a writer, above all else. So, maybe, the idea of my having just won the lottery isn’t a complete fallacy, in this regard, on second thoughts, after all…

Fact No.3 — The Fame of Being Freshly Pressed Is Fleeting

As of last count, my featured poem has received roughly 100 “likes”. And over a quarter of those people who liked the poem also left comments. Sure, that might not seem like such a resounding achievement, in light of the 67,000,000 WordPress blogs that exist around the world (source for number of blogs

But, trust me, it usually counts as a red letter day, any time a post of mine gets more than 10 likes. So, at the very least, my Freshly Pressed result represents a ten-fold increase in my blog’s normal popularity.

Of course, there are, no doubt, many power bloggers out there amongst you, who are regularly getting over 50 or 60 likes for everything you post. Not me, alas. In fact, each of the four poems I have posted since being Freshly Pressed have received significantly less than 10 likes a-piece.

Quite a crushing return back down to Earth! And if there has been any flow-on effect from my elevated Freshly Pressed status, it’s already slowed to a trickle. Hey, still, I’m not complaining! I’ve only been blogging for just under three-and-a-half months, so far. Plus, I did gain 60 (approx) additional followers, as well, over the past 48 hours, into the bargain!

Fallacy No.4 — Nobody Knows Just How Exactly the Freshly Pressed Are Selected

In all seriousness, there’s nothing that can’t be achieved through the power of money. A few Ben Franklins slipped to the right person, at the right time, and your Freshly Pressed eligibility suddenly becomes a whole lot less random. Know what I mean? 😉

If the idea of parting with actual cash to promote your cause causes you actual distress, as it were, then following the tips/guidelines provided by WordPress themselves regarding getting noticed are worth perusing (see here:

Moreover, as part of being Freshly Pressed, I was also made aware of the official WordPress Daily Post page. From what I can tell, this is a great place to become familiar with just who the editors of WordPress are, and therefore who exactly it is you need to catch the attention or eye of (Hint, hint! And, no, I’m not going to reveal any names, not unless we’re going to start talking, again, together, about my good friend Ben Franklin, if you catch my drift).
(See here:

Fact No.4 — We’ve All Probably Written Better Posts Than The One I Had Freshly Pressed

Don’t believe me? Well, go and check out my humble ode to anticipatory nostalgia and all things photographic and see for yourself. Please, do!
(see here:

However, in defence of the WordPress editors, let me just add that I acknowledge, entirely, that my poem has a large scope for universal appeal, due to its varied subject matter and plain-spoken immediacy. It’s simply that typically my own preferred style and subject matter owes much more to the Beat poets and Bukowski, than it does to the mainstream.

And, therefore, my own personal choice of poem from amongst the various pieces of assorted poetry I’ve written over the years would vary greatly from the one I’ve just had Freshly Pressed. But then, I’m the first to admit to being a terrible judge of my own work. Let’s face it, I’ll take the compliment of being taken seriously as a writer, from everyone or anyone willing to give it, baby!

At the end of the day, it’s all about horses for courses, I guess. And, you know what, this poem just happened to win on the day, praise be! 🙂

Fallacy No.5 — The Sweet Taste of Freshly Pressed Success Cures All Known Ills

On the day I received word of my being Freshly Pressed, my cat of twenty years lay on a drip at the vet, with acute kidney failure. The prognosis is that she probably has about a week to live, although there is some talk about an experimental surgery option.

I also read of another blogger who realized his marriage was over the day he heard his Freshly Pressed news. And another again spoke about his being so swamped at work that he missed the whole thing and thereafter abandoned his blog, altogether, in self-disgust.

I suppose, my point is that life continues to throw us curveballs, even when we feel we’ve achieved something to finally crow about. Because, in the end, no one is immune to the suffering and ills inherent to the human condition, I regret to inform you, not even the Freshly Pressed.

That said, the taste of Freshly Pressed Success does linger on the lips very sweetly, without adding even so much as an inch to the hips.

Fact No.5 — The Joys of Being Freshly Pressed Notwithstanding, The Joy Of Blogging Is The Sense Of Community

Simply put, you couldn’t sustain the effort needed to keep a blog afloat, if the only reason you did it was to become Freshly Pressed. Instead, it is rather the sense of community that makes all the difference to your daily/weekly/monthly blogging experience. For, without the encouragement and support of other bloggers reading your words and offering up their opinions etc, the whole enterprise would quickly lose much of its appeal.

And so, in the spirit of continuing to widen my ties to the greater WordPress community, (*shameless plug alert*) I encourage you to come and stop by my Missing Zero site, any chance you get. Where, I can assure you, you are all most welcome!

Here endeth the lesson…

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9 responses to “Freshly Pressed — The Top 5 Facts and Fallacies About What It’s Like to Be (WordPress) Famous For a Day

  • pixiepott

    Great piece about the ‘freshly pressed’ phenomena. I enjoyed reading this. I am blog-naive’ still and kept wondering why I did not appear in the Freshly Pressed section. What was I doing wrong? It finally dawned on me that getting your post on there is probably more difficult than winning the lottery. As where scooping the lottery’s jackpot, is just luck, having your blog get prime position, is a combination of luck AND having delivered something pretty good. I never knew one could suffer ‘Freshly Pressed’ envy but I readily admit that now I am feeling that unfamiliar twinge. Enjoy that prime position, things should only get better, if not, you got to enjoy a virtual Andy Warhol moment.

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Yes, I certainly still know how it feels to be “blog naive” myself, as you put it. Most days, I’m lucky to find my WordPress dashboard, within the first couples of tries, that is! I wonder what Andy Warhol would have made of blogging, more generally?! Makes for a fascinating future post, in fact.

      If Andy had a blog himself, he probably would have blogged about how the blog is nature’s way of saving trees or something equally surreal, I’m sure. Or that cyberspace is the best place for amateur poets, like myself!

      Anyhow, thanks, for commenting. And stop by, again, anytime you like!

  • dhonour

    You know, I was coming back to hit the follow button anyway because I like your poems. And then I read this and I HAD to go and click it. It is all very, very true. I too spent the first 6 months thinking “when is it going to be my turn???”, “Why are those other people’s posts getting picked and not mine?” I even blogged about it. More than once. And mused that perhaps there was an angry ex-boyfriend sitting on the FP panel that was exacting revenge. I have had a lot more traffic and follows since the FP ‘blessing’, which is great. Poetry is and will always be a much harder sell. People are intimidated by it. I’m blathering and my kids are whining at me, so I will end here……(loved this).

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Ah, yes, the perennial question of what to feed one’s blog, in order to help it thrive. A fellow blogger here at WordPress suggested feeding other bloggers to one’s blog as the best option. However, as I pointed out to him, he has well over 5,000 followers, so he can spare to lose a few as blog fodder. Typically, I haven’t always posted just poetry, but I hit a bit of a purple patch recently and the poems kept on coming, one of which (to my surprise) going on to be Freshly Pressed even?! I liked your image of an angry ex-boyfriend thwarting your blog’s supremacy. Sometimes giving a name and a face to our lack of good fortune can be very therapeutic. I’ll be sure to stop by your posts again soon, having enjoyed all that I have read, so far. Cheers!

  • Lady Diane Randall

    It’s all rather intimidating to me, and yet at the same time, I am inspired; every time I post, it’s an addicting feeling. I want to write more, post more, and that’s fabulous. As is your writing! So, needing 12+ hours sleep per day (yes, fact), is the reason I don’t post or read as much WP as I’d love to. Yours, Lorem, is definitely at the top of my list! You are a great poet, and no longer amateur: Your poetry has been selected by an official forum (meaning published in the true sense of the word), you have received accolades AND followers/supporters of your work. I believe in you!

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thank you, for your support and generous comments! With that kind of need for sleep, I’m not surprised you have such an interest in dreams/active imagination! All I can say is that blogging really is addictive, but at the same time it increases your portfolio, no end. As a writer, the sole imperative is to write, at all costs. So blogging is a fantastic discipline for us writer types, believe me. I look forward to seeing many more of your posts, therefore, in the near future—cheers!

  • Holistic Wayfarer

    Enjoyed your honesty. Chuckle. Thanks for the follow. And I agree on community…that’s what’s made this journey breathtaking for me. I was going to name my recent post “To thine own self write true” but decided on “The Writing Process: Keep it Real.” 😉 I look fwd to revisiting. Diana

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