Those Things That Should Not Be

Part 1
In the World Egg there’s a crack
Through which monsters spill
Winged furies with gorgon faces
And black-dyed futilities
It’s an ugly scene
This fracture of mine
My rend in time
Spilling forth its manifold
Deceptions and delusions
A parade of those things
That should not be.


Part 2
The second act
Is proportioned along
The lines of ancient myth
Electra figures
Because geometry is keen
To find the right angle
The good type of danger
Sets the ransom high
If I have exposed too much
I apologise.

Part 3

The third and final act
Calls for a costume change
Noir-ish tones and upturned collars, patent leather shoes
Awkward silence ensues
The young eaglet attempts flight
From its nest, anarchy
Looses its spiral conscience
Upon the fray of frayed humanity
What hope but the decisive
Judgement of the impartial
Judge of Ages
A return to chaos
Red screens of panic
And Act 1 repeats
(The players continue to
Listen in the dark…)

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