New World Hunger

In a future “brought to you by Future-corps!”
We’ll all be spoilt by choice
With our every happiness catered for
“Thanks to the Great Almighty Omni-computer’s infallible recognition of voice!”

Every father replaced by a gameshow host
Every mother charging a celebrity fee
We’ll call an assorted host of electronic ghosts
Our closest friends, before dialing in the required level of empathy.

That is, save for those few driven underground
In search of what once was old sprung fresh anew
Souls still hungry for another’s touch
In lieu of patented, pre-fab toga/wedding parties
And holographic (pay-per-view) thought zoos.

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Just some guy trying to figure out where the "on" switch is hid on the remote control—ah, forget it. Because, you know what, I'm also the kinda guy who always likes the book waaay more than the movie! View all posts by Lorem Ipsum

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