Revelation Sickness

Walked a desert mile, this a.m.
A half-swallowed viper
Caught in my
Death Valley throat
Making me gag
Looking for some burning
Behind which to retch and
Dislodge the discomfort
Of entrenched years of
The embittered failure/
Of a would-be hagiographer
Lost under a merciless sky
The skin peeling away from
Beneath my unseeing eyes
And across my
Crucified shoulders
In strips of midrashic law
To be interpreted later
In a time of peace
When the crows should stop
Circling my beaten
And bloodied excuse
For a brain
As all the time
My parched, split
Lips silently beseech
Through darkly-remembered
Prayer that the
Implacable godhead should
Thunder down
Forgiving rain instead of…

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