A Quick Word of Thanks!

A big thank you, to all those people who have supported the Missing Zero Blog, over the past two months, since its inception! You have helped this blog reach another milestone, namely the fact that it now has 100 followers. Yay!

Special thanks, to all those of you who have continued to stop by and like/comment on whatever it is the newest daily post happens to be. And also apologies for the eclectic nature of just what those very posts often turn out to be! There really is an underlying, cohesive logic to it all; well, there must be, mustn’t there? Mustn’t…that’s one strange contraction, don’t you think? Is it, like, even a word? Don’t worry, I digress…

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Just some guy trying to figure out where the "on" switch is hid on the remote control—ah, forget it. Because, you know what, I'm also the kinda guy who always likes the book waaay more than the movie! View all posts by Lorem Ipsum

6 responses to “A Quick Word of Thanks!

  • ioniamartin

    Congratulations! You deserve this and so much more!

  • whiteravensoars

    Congratulations!!! Seeing that first big milestone like that is such an exciting feeling!!! No matter if you blog for yourself like I do, or to share with the world… it is sooo exciting!!!

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thanks! As a writer, it really helps to feel like you’re part of a wider writing community, because you spend so much time just tapping away in front of a computer screen each day. So milestones such as these can give you a real boost!

  • timidvoice

    Congrats to you! Must say I love the posts with those deep thoughts I don’t get much of elsewhere, those philosophical ones especially. Always good, fun and interesting to be challenged and see things from a different perspective. Onward to your next milestone…

    • Lorem Ipsum

      Thanks, for the support! I’m not sure what that next milestone will be, but I’m hoping to share in a good many more philosophical exchanges along the way to getting there…In between goofing off, now and then, that is, of course. Too much deep thought makes my brain itchy 🙂

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